LOH Xian Jun

Loh  Xianjun

Assistant Professor



Room: E2-02-04
Tel: +(65) 6516 7484
Fax:+(65) 67763604
website: LOH Xian Jun


Research Interests

My research interest is primarily in the area of soft materials. Soft materials have been known include hydrogels, organogels, micelles, vesicles and many others. The underlying theme of my research covers the following: 1) modification of naturally available biodegradable polymers for the synthesis of soft materials; 2) characterization of the soft materials properties and 3) development of simple fabrication techniques to realising these soft material constructs. I am particularly interested in exploring topics such as water-soluble and stimuli-responsive soft materials for drug/gene/protein delivery and tissue engineering/repair applications. My industrial interests are intricately linked with my role as A*STAR’s Personal Care Programme Manager. I am interested in developing personal, household, medical and baby care products.


Polymeric and Self Assembled Hydrogels: From Fundamental Understanding to Applications, Xian Jun Loh (Editor), Oren A. Scherman (Editor)

ISBN:978-1-84973-561-2, Publisher:Royal Society of Chemistry

Link: http://www.rsc.org/shop/books/2012/9781849735612.asp


Selected Publications:

Biodegradable polymers and their applications

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Supramolecular polymers

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