Ph.D. (Materials Laboratory), Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, 1992
M.S. (Physics), Yunnan University, China, 1987
B.E. (Physics), Yunnan University, China, 1982

Room: E2-03-22
Tel: ++(65) 6516-4632
Fax:++(65) 6776-3604



Research Interests

My research areas are in electronic, functional, and sustainable energy materials thin films, nanostructures, heterostructures and devices. Considerable efforts have been made in the design, fabrication and study of electronics and functional thin films and structures. PVD, CVD and chemical solution techniques are used for thin film deposition and nanostructure fabrication. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), electron diffraction and several other material characterisation methods are also of interest to my research group.

Of particular interest and concentration are supercapactors, solar cells and transparent and functional semiconducting and conducting oxide (TSO and TCO) and compound semiconductor thin films; nanostructures and devices, owing to their unique and special applications; supercapacitors; solar cells; functional devices. One of the most challenging and difficult parts of the TSOs work is the fabrication of highly conductive p-type TSOs and compound semiconductors, whose success can lead to new generation devices and applications. The p-type TSOs we have fabricated successfully include Cu-Al-O (a USA patent has been issued), ZnO (a USA patent has been filed), and Cu2O. The n-type TSOs and TCOs we have successfully fabricated include nanostructured or/and amorphous ZnO, SnO2, IZO (indium zinc oxide), and ITO (indium tin oxide) thin films. Transparent p-n junction diodes have also been succeeded. Other functional II-VI and III-V semiconductor thin films for photovoltaic applications are also our interest. High energy density supercapacitors have been succeeded.  In addition, gas sensors based on semiconducting oxide films have been studied. Furthermore, we have studied various layers of films in solar cells and integrated circuits through collaboration with solar cell and semiconductor wafer fabrication industries.


Selected Publications:

  1. Shi, Diwen; Zhang, Liuyang; Gong, Hao: Ni-Co oxide formation with Cu assisted method on Ni foam: Unexpected higher areal capacitance of inner layer with naturally formed nanotubes, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES Volume: 361 Pages: 9-14 Published: SEP 1 2017
  2. Zhang, Nengduo; Gong, Hao: P-type transparent LaCuOS semiconductor synthesized via a novel two-step solid state reaction and sulfurization process, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL Volume: 43 Issue: 8 Pages: 6295-6302 Published: JUN 1 2017
  3. Huang, Tang Jiao; Yin, Xuesong; Tang, Chunhua; et al: Influence of Ligands on the Formation of Kesterite Thin Films for Solar Cells: A Comparative Study, CHEMSUSCHEM Volume: 9 Issue: 9 Pages: 1032-1041 Published: MAY 10 2016