CHEN Jingsheng

CHEN Jingsheng

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Physics), Lanzhou University, China, 1999
B.E. (Physics), Lanzhou University, China, 1994

Room: E2 05-19
Tel: ++(65) 6516-7574
Fax:++(65) 6776-3604
Group website: The Chen Jingsheng Group


Research Interests

  1. High anisotropy magnetic materials and its application in HDD
  2. Spintronics – perpendicular anisotropy based MTJ and spin valve, Rashba/spin Hall effect
  3. Multiferroic materials and device– electric field control of magnetism, multferroic tunneling junction
  4. Nanostructured magnetic materials and nanomagnetism


Selected Publications:

  1. K. F. Dong, H. H. Li, Y. G. Peng, G. Ju, G. M. Chow, and J. S. Chen, “Nanogranular TiN-ZrO2 intermediate layer induced improvement of isolation and grain size of FePt thin films” Scientific Report, 4, 5607 (2014).
  2. K. F. Dong, H. H. Li, Y. G. Peng, G. Ju, G. M. Chow, and J. S. Chen, “L10 FePt-ZrO2 (001) nanostructured films with high aspect ratio columnar grains” Appl. Phys. Lett., 104, 192404 (2014)
  3. B.M. Zhang, C.J Sun, P. Yang, W.L. Lu, B.L. Fisher, T. Venkatesan, S.M. Heald, J.S. Chen, G. M. Chow, “Strain modulated anisotropic electronic charge transfer in perovskite Pr0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin films” Physical Review B, 89, 195140 (2014).
  4. Z. Q. Liu , W. Lu , S. W. Zeng , J. W. Deng , Z. Huang , C. J. Li , M. Motapothula , W. M. Lü , L. Sun , K. Han , J. Q. Zhong , P. Yang , N. N. Bao , W. Chen , J. S. Chen ,Y. P. Feng , J. M. D. Coey , T. Venkatesan , and Ariando “Bandgap Control of the Oxygen-Vacancy-Induced Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in SrTiO3” Advanced Materials Interface, 1400155 (2014)
  5. L. S. Huang, J. F. Hu, B. Y. Zong, S. W. Zeng, Ariando and J. S. Chen “Magnetic properties of L10-FePt/Fe exchange-coupled composite nanodots” J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 47, 245001 (2014) .
  6. W.L. Lu, P. Yang, W.D. Song, G. M. Chow, J.S. Chen, “Control of oxygen octahedral rotations and physical properties in SrRuO3 films” Physical Review B, 88, 21415 (2013).
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  10. P. Ho, G.C. Han, K.H. He, G.M. Chow, J.S. Chen, “(001) textured L1(0)-FePt pseudo spin valve with TiN spacer” Applied Physics Letter, 99: 252503 (2011)