Anthony K Cheetham

Anthony K Cheetham

Distinguished Visiting Professor

D.Phil. (Chemistry) University of Oxford

Room: EA-07-23
Tel: ++(65) 6516-1394
Fax:++(65) 6776-3604
Cheetham Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

Prof. Tony Cheetham is widely known for his work on the synthesis and characterization of functional inorganic and hybrid materials. Early work focused on the development of methods by which unknown crystal structures could be obtained from polycrystalline materials using high-resolution synchrotron X-ray and neutron powder diffraction. These methods, complemented by magic-angle spinning NMR and electron microscopy, were applied to a wide range of new materials, including aluminosilicate zeolites, nanoporous nickel phosphates, new materials for natural gas conversion, and phosphors for solid state lighting. Later work in the area of both porous and dense metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) led to the discovery of multiferroic and amorphous/glassy MOFs, as well as lead-free hybrid perovskites for optoelectronic applications.



Fellow of the Royal Society, London; Treasurer and Vice-President, 2012-2017
Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Chaire Internationale de Recherche “Blaise Pascal” (Paris)
Fellow/Foreign Member of Pakistan, Indian, German and World Academies of Science
Bonner Chemiepreis, University of Bonn
Somiya Award of the IUMRS (with Professor C.N.R. Rao)
Docteur Honoris Causa : Universities of Versailles, St. Andrews, Warwick, Tumkur
Royal Society Leverhulme Medal
Platinum Medal of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
Chemical Pioneer Award, American Institute of Chemists
Humboldt Research Award, Germany
Basolo Medal, Northwestern University
International Gold Medal for Materials Science and Technology, MRSI, India


Selected Publications:

  1. T. D. Bennett, A. H. Fuchs, A. K. Cheetham and F. X. Coudert, Interplay between defects, disorder and flexibility in metal-organic frameworks, Nature Chemistry 9 (2017) 11-16.
  2. W. Li, Z. Wang, F. Deschler, S. Gao, R. H. Friend and A. K. Cheetham, Chemical diversity and multi-functionality of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites, Nature Reviews Materials 2 (2017) 16099.
  3. F. Wei, Z. Deng, S. Sun, F. Zhang, D. M. Evans, G. Kieslich, S. Tominaka, M. A. Carpenter, P. D. Bristowe and A. K. Cheetham, Lead-free hybrid double perovskite (CH3NH3)2AgBiBr6: synthesis, electronic structure, optical and mechanical properties, Chemistry of Materials 29 (2017) 1089-1094.
  4. Z. Qiao, Q. Xu, A. K. Cheetham and J. Jiang, High-throughput computational screening of thiol adsorption in metalorganic frameworks, Journal of Physical Chemistry 121 (2017) 22208-22215.
  5. S. Jiang, Q. Song, A. Massey, S. Y. Chong, L. Chen, S. Sun, T. Hasell, R. Raval, A. G. Livingston, E. Sivaniah, A. K. Cheetham and A. I. Cooper, Oriented 2D Porous Organic Cage Crystals, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (2017) 9391-9395.
  6. S. Sun, Z. Deng, Y. Wu, F. X. Wei, F. H. Isikgor, F. Brivio, M. Gaultois, J. Y. Ouyang, P. D. Bristowe, A. K. Cheetham and G. Kieslich, Variable temperature and high pressure crystal chemistry of perovskite formamidinium lead iodide: a single crystal X-ray diffraction and computational study, Chemical Communications 8 (2017) 2496-2506.
  7. N. Li, X. Chen, W.-J. Ong, D. R. MacFarlane, X. Zhao, A. K. Cheetham and C. Sun, The understanding of electrochemical mechanisms for CO2 capture and conversion into hydrocarbon fuels in transition-metal carbides (MXenes), ACS Nano 11 (2017) 10825-10833.
  8. Y. Wu, S. Shaker, F. Brivio, R. Murugavel, P. D. Bristowe and A. K. Cheetham, [Am]Mn(H2POO)3: a new family of hybrid perovskites based on the hypophosphite ligand, Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (2017) 16999-17002.
  9. S. Henke, M. T. Wharmby, G. Kieslich, I. Hante, A. Schneemann, Y. Wu, D. Daisenberger and A. K. Cheetham, Pore closure in zeolitic imidazolate frameworks under mechanical pressure, Chemical Science 9 (2018) 1654-1660.
  10. A. K. Cheetham, G. Kieslich and H. H.-Y. Yeung, Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effects in the Crystallization of Metal-Organic Frameworks, Accounts of Chemical Research 51 (2018) 659-667.